Hypnotherapy for Children (5-18 Years)

Children are growing up in the world today facing many more different challenges that their parents did. At the ages of 5-18 years, addressing issues can help pave a clear path so that they have better chances of living their best lives later on. Some of the most common issues Hypnotherapy can help children with are anxiety around Exams, Driving tests, attending school, Phobias of dogs, dentists, flying, needles, bullying, Bed-wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) and can also develop coping mechanisms and habits such as Thumb-sucking.

Hypnotherapy for Children
Hypnotherapy for Children is a great way, through play, stories, modelling and imagination to deliver empowering tools to children. Children spend much more of their time in self-hypnosis through play and fantasy than adults do, so working with them at this age applies techniques different from those used when working with adults. Parents and Primary Care givers play an important role in their child’s sessions and will be required to be present during each session. You as a parent/primary carer, will be given tools to support your child between sessions and after the sessions have finished so that your child can go on following their new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving with a new strength, resilience and more space to be doing what they should be doing, reaching their full potentials.
I welcome Children as my little clients and they will be made to feel welcome, safe and supported in a calm and fun space. Story books, cards, toys and other stimulating tools are there to help in the therapeutic process.

Sessions per child are £50 an hour and are modelled on a three session plan (this may vary according to your child’s individual issue, needs and progress).

I prefer face to face sessions with children. Primary care givers are required to be present for every session. Current Enhanced DBS certificate and professional insurance held.

Please note, that I always work within my competence. If you child is neurodiverse, then you should contact a Hypnotherapist who is specially trained in children’s ADHD, Autism and other similar conditions. Hypnotherapy will be tailored to each individual child taking on board their specific requirements which can be complex and only undertaken by an appropriate professional.