Bedfordshire Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Supporting you within a safe therapeutic relationship from where you are free to express, grow and flourish.

Counselling & Hypnotherapy With Sylvie

07910 914437

Evening and Weekends available – Face to Face and Remote sessions

Hypnotherapy for Young People (12-18 Years)

I work with young people (YP) helping them towards self-empowerment in overcoming or easing symptoms of issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, exam anxiety, concentration, nail-biting, driving test nerves, excessive techno consumption and low-confidence, selective eating disorders, obesity, sleeping problems and more.

Sessions are £50 an hour and are modelled on a three session plan (this may vary according to your individual issue, needs and progress).

I prefer face to face sessions encouraging old fashioned communication without the medium of screens, however do offer online for clients at a distance.

Please note, that I always work within my competence. If you are Neurodiverse, then you should contact a Hypnotherapist who is specially trained in Hypnotherapy for Neurodiverse YP. Treatments will be tailored taking on board your specific sensory requirements.

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