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Previous clients have been kind enough to leave Testimonials about how Hypnotherapy with Sylvie has improved their lives. A little something to help give you faith and show you that new possibilities are here for you NOW.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

J.P – ‘I’ve always suffered with anxiety and brain fog when speaking to large groups of people whether in meetings or conferences. After two sessions with Sylvia, the effects were very noticeable. It’s almost as if I became more ‘Laid back’ during meetings meaning that I could think more clearly and speak with more confidence. I would highly recommend Sylvie’s service. Thanks Sylvie.’

Hypnosis for Anxiety (triggered by ‘Lockdown’)

F.L – ‘Before the pandemic I was a relaxed and sociable person, at work, with family and friends.  But with the lack of social interaction, working from home, plus lockdown restrictions this created a lot of anxiety for me.  So much so that I dreaded leaving the house.  I desperately wanted to get back to my old self.  I contacted Sylvie by phone and felt immediately reassured by her kind and patient manner.  During the treatment I was very relaxed and over a few sessions began to feel completely back in control of my life, I now feel safe, calm and confident in my every day life again’

Hypnosis for a Panic attack at work

R.C – ‘I felt safe, calm, at peace and warm in my favourite place. I was totally relaxed, thankful and intune with my self during the therapy. I felt amazing and happy fully trusting Sylvie with confidence and regarding confidentiality. I felt much more confident and empowered after the session. The ‘lock-down’ and the changes in my work situation caused me to experience a panic attack which I have never experienced before and didn’t want to again. Thank you Sylvie.’

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