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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range problems by easing the symptoms of some physiological problems and resolving psychologically based issues such as phobias and bad habits. The main treatments are detailed below and are Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Anger Management, Smoking Cessation, Past Life Regression (PLRT), Weight Loss, Self-Defeating behaviour such as vaping, Nail Biting and Skin Picking. There are many other issues I work with so please get in touch to discuss your own personal situation.

The number of recommended sessions may vary (approximated below). Full Terms and Conditions are available on Booking.

*Disclaimer* – I do not claim that Hypnotherapy can cure any conditions/ills/health issues. I am not medically qualified in any way or qualified to give nutritional or medical advice. I offer a complementary therapy and I am only qualified to treat at a sub-clinical level.

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Hypnotherapy for Anger Management 1-3 sessions, £50 per 1 hour session

Anger has a purpose but as word is much more complex to define.

  • Anger can be a warning to others that they are near to pushing you too far
  • Anger can be a symptom of hunger, lack of sleep and other physical dis-ease as well as co-existing with anxiety, depression and is often one of the first symptoms of stress.
  • Anger can arise to help us protect ourselves or loved ones. Injustice was the fuel for the Suffragette women’s movement who were fighting for their voices to be heard and the right to vote around 1906.
  • Anger can become a problem habit so is more difficult to change. In these cases, triggers for our anger are hidden in our subconscious so finding the activating thought takes a little extra.

Anger can become an unwelcome visitor in lives of clients and when it’s release is uncontrolled or unpredictable, it can be very destructive. Severe bouts of anger and rage can damage marriages, family relationships, careers and in extreme cases can have legal implications. The aftermath of anger or rage will usually result in feelings of guilt and shame. It is important when working with anger to understand that it doesn’t define you, but is an important part of all of us so I offer my full empathy, kindness and understanding as I do with all issues, but especially anger.

We work together to address and transform the part anger plays in your life through a unique visualisation technique, and secondly we work on self-acceptance, validation, understanding and forgiveness so you can move forward without guilt, regret or shame.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 4-6 sessions, £50 per 1 hour session

Anxiety is can be frightening and usually comes out of nowhere. Hypnotherapy most importantly helps to reaquaint you with a state of peace, calm and relaxation so you experience the opposite state of anxiety. During our sessions, we look at the purpose of Anxiety, why it exists and how it shows up for you on an individual level. We then explore two aspects in treating both the fear of fear itself (often the stage that clients are at when seeking therapy) and the root cause which can be deeply buried in the subconscious. When you start to avoid your sources of anxiety such as people, driving, new places, activities, your life can become very frustrating and limited. Long periods of anxiety will have a detrimental impact on your body and mind and can develop into phobias or bring on dis-ease such as diabetes, stomach ulcers and heart problems.

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Hypnotherapy for Phobias
3 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

If you suffer with a phobia, the severity of your reactions can sometimes result in experiencing a hot, sweaty, panic. Our responses are automatic, sometimes dramatic and appear to others as completely irrational. We will do anything to avoid feeling that way again so as seen with anxiety, we start to avoid the objects/places/situations limiting our freedom in life. We can develop phobias from our own experiences, sometimes long forgotten or we can learn and inherit phobias from others which is a more common source.

Common phobias are of course spiders, heights, dogs, needles and dentists but there are phobias which are based on seemingly everyday objects or even farm animals. Some examples are phobias of buttons (Koumpounophobia ), mirrors (Eisoptrophobia) and Hens (Alektorophobia). Regardless of the source of fear, the fears are real and can be terrifying. Rationality is not relevant when the emotional right brain overtakes the logical left brain which will always win.

I use NLP techniques to help change the deep rooted automatic responses whilst you observe from a safe state of dissociation and deep relaxation. Together we work towards that ‘thing’ becoming totally irrelevant to your thoughts in your everyday life as you free yourself to enjoy lost moments/places and experiences which were previously out of bounds to you.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management
4 – 6 sessions, £50 per 1 hour session

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to use to help in your transformation. Consuming more food than we burn results in weight gain. Hypnotherapy focuses on many aspects of our relationship with food and how it has literally shaped our bodies and minds. Together with clients, I work to uncover root causes for emotional eating, low self-image, low-confidence and self-esteem issues from sometimes as far back as our infant years. Together we work as a team to identify troublesome foods, danger times/situations and triggering emotions. Then the fun starts and all clients have to do in session is relax whilst I start the process of helping them to re-program their old subconscious patterns of eating for comfort/reward/solace/stress/protection. As with all change, commitment from the client is key, however it will feel natural and you will naturally want to eat better and move more. Hypnotherapy focuses on choices rather than amounts of food. Eating better and not less is the framework for natural and sustainable weight loss. Some clients have found themselves buying a new wardrobe, hiring a personal trainer and starting regular exercise purely because it feels good to do this for themselves and feels good to be free from the chains of years of emotional eating.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) 2hr Session £120

PLRT within a spiritual context – This is considered as a Holistic healing modality by some who may believe that our souls hold onto emotions from past life traumas and experiences. These may subconsciously re-surface in the form of unexplained phobias, difficult relationships and re-occurring negative experiences, all of which cannot be contributed to experiences in a current lifetime.

PLRT within a metaphorical context – Even if you are a completely logical and scientific person, your subconscious may offer insights and provide solutions to you through your past life regression. You may experience life as a King or Queen for example and within this archetype, there maybe lessons or messages for you which will help you in your current situation or life time.

A note on Past Life Phobias – There’s a good amount of research on people who believe in reincarnation, and who claim they remember details from their past lives. One University of Virginia study found that some children who claim to recall their previous lives suffer “unusual” phobias that they say are related to those past lives—and specifically the way they died. For example, a child might have an intense fear of water that she attributes to drowning in her past life.’ – Heid, M. (2018a). 29 Weird Phobias That Really Do Exist. [online] Prevention. Available at: [Accessed 6 Mar. 2023].‌

Hypnotherapy for Young People (12-18)
3 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

Now more than ever, our young people are forced to experience increasing social, economical and relational challenges which can affect their transitional years. Some of the most common issues Hypnotherapy can help young people with are anxiety, stress, depression, self-harm, bullying, additions to tech/social media, nail-biting, selective eating disorders, hair pulling, skin picking, low self-confidence and many more.

I prefer face to face sessions with young people; giving them an opportunity to flex their communication skills without the barrier of a screen. Current Enhanced DBS certificate and professional insurance held.

Please note, that I always work within my competence. If your young person is Neurodiverse, then you should contact a Hypnotherapist who is specially trained in Neurodiverse Hypnotherapy. Treatments and methods will be tailored taking on board specific sensory requirements.

Written Parental consent will be required to work with young people and you will be given all the details of treatment so your consent will be informed.

An adult is required to be present when working with 12-15 year olds as outlined by the National Hypnotherapy’s Code of Ethics.

Fees are £50 an hour and are modelled on a three session plan (this may vary according to your individual issue, needs and progress).

Hypnosis for Stress Relief
4-6 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

Most stress is triggered by external events and situations that involve change in some form. We as humans react badly to changes especially unexpected ones such as job loss, bereavement, relocation or divorce. All types of stress (with the exception of Eustress) can lead to more serious health issues such as insomnia, depression, IBS, loss of appetite, loss of libido, increased blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Treating Stress as the root cause can reduce the chances of developing more serious stress-related illnesses, some of which are listed above. Providing clients with SELF-HYPNOSIS tools to cope in everyday life with stress is a essential part of this treatment. We can take you to a beach somewhere, maybe a lush green garden or a bright, warm, sunny woodland glade to refill your body and soul with peace and tranquility all from the comfort of our therapy space. Hypnotherapy gives your subconscious tools which help with coping and reducing stress levels at your command.

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