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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range problems by easing the symptoms of some physiological problems and resolving psychologically based issues such as phobias and bad habits. The main treatments are detailed below and are Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Anger Management, Smoking Cessation, Past Life Regression (PLRT), Weight Loss, Self Defeating Behavioural Patterns such as Nail Biting and Skin Picking. There are many other issues I work with so please get in touch to discuss your own personal situation.

The number of recommended sessions may vary (approximated below). I have found that most of the time, less sessions are required due to their effectiveness and success which clients are experiencing. Full Terms and Conditions are available on Booking.

*Disclaimer* – I do not claim that Hypnotherapy can cure any conditions/ills/health issues. I am not medically qualified in any way or qualified to give nutritional or medical advice. I offer a complementary therapy and I am only qualified to treat at a sub-clinical level.

Hypnosis for Stress Relief
4-6 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

Most stress is triggered by external events and situations that involve change in some form. We as humans react badly to changes especially unexpected ones such as job loss, bereavement, relocation or divorce. All types of stress (with the exception of Eustress) can lead to more serious health issues such as insomnia, depression, IBS, loss of appetite, loss of libido, increased blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Treating Stress as the root cause can reduce the chances of developing more serious stress-related illnesses, some of which are listed above. Providing clients with SELF-HYPNOSIS tools to cope in everyday life with stress is a essential part of this treatment. We can take you to a beach somewhere, maybe a lush green garden or a bright, warm, sunny woodland glade to refill your body and soul with peace and tranquility all from the comfort of our therapy space. Hypnotherapy gives your subconscious tools which help with coping and reducing stress levels at your command.

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Hypnosis for Anxiety
4-6 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

Anxiety is a close relation of Stress. Anxiety’s roots are slightly less obvious. We may have started to avoid situations where we feel anxious. We may not know why we feel anxious as the symptoms kick in unpredictably. Anxiety is a result of conflict between your logical left brain and your emotional right brain. Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Quite often just understanding your anxiety will remove the blocks so the cycle is broken. Existential therapists take the view that in our lives we grow and evolve and this inevitably does involve a degree of anxiety naturally. It is when the anxiety becomes too much when we need to seek help. There are many types of anxiety which are surfacing as we struggle to cope with the changes and unpredictability of our world today. It all starts from within and tackling anxiety is the best start for building up resilience to our outside world.

Hypnosis for Weight Management
6 sessions – £50 per 1 hour session
Weight Loss

There are several elements when treating weight management issues I consider. I look at emotional links to subconscious eating (sometimes developed in childhood/infancy), body image/self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation and I make good use of positive visualisation in my therapies. Any blocks or self-sabotaging behaviours are examined and explored and turned around. New positive behaviours and actions are suggested targeting your own personal problem areas, triggers and weaknesses. Hypnosis for weight loss is not based on deprivation. It is based around eating better and not less. Our emotional links to food are addressed. Nutrition and Fitness advice is not given, however clients quite often go onto seek professional advice for themselves as a part of their new healthy lifestyle after Hypnotherapy.

Stop smoking Hypnosis
Single session treatment £250 (2 hours approx)
Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

I work with your very unique situation and smoking pattern and tailor a therapy designed for a single session. All I ask of you is that you are in a place of complete commitment to revert back to being a non-smoker, after all we are born this way.

Smoking is a classed as a Self-Defeating behaviour in Therapy. Any smokers know the health implications as well as the financial implications of the habit, and yet it can be one of the most difficult habits to break. The habit is formed in the initial moment that you decided to smoke your first cigarette. The subconscious is noting that smoking is helping you to avoid emotional distress of some kind, so it accepts it as a solution to emotional need and is cued by similar triggers and situations moving forward. So then begins the cycle of smoking as your very own coping mechanism. The element of nicotine addiction then becomes a part of the habit.

I then assist you to change that coping mechanism by turning it on it’s head and offering other alternatives. It’s a team effort between therapist and client, but hypnotherapy really can take the edge off of cravings and help you walk out of the session immediately settling into your clean/fresh/healthy life as a non-smoker more comfortably and naturally.

Additional Post-session audio available on request (inclusive).

Please read about my own personal journey to being a non-smoker with the help of Hypnosis by clicking here.
Hypnosis for Phobias
2-4 sessions £50 per 1 hour session
Public speaking Phobia

Phobias can be learned during our childhood from others or stem from a bad experience. These phobias can sometimes be resolved in one session, but does need testing by the client to gauge the level of change achieved after the first session and then the plan reviewed with myself. The most common phobias are that of snakes, spiders, heights, the dark, small spaces, large spaces, dentists, injections and public speaking. Phobias are emotional reactions strongly tied to a past trauma and can leading to a complete fear and avoidance of an object, place or situation which is often labelled as irrational by onlookers, however not by the client. Phobias can be based around the most mundane object such as a ‘button’ for example.

I use various different techniques based in NLP to work with your unique phobia. Finding out where the phobia comes from is key which Hypnotherapy is ideal for. You are not exposed directly to the source of your phobia so you remain completely safe.

Anger Management – £50 per 1 hour session (1 – 3 sessions recommended)
Anger Management

For anybody who has suffered with issues around anger, they will completely understand how, in an animalistic, unpredictable and furious way, their anger can sometimes release. Anger is a natural and essential emotion. It’s cause or reason for being is mostly good. Anger helps us to express ourselves, helps us to speak up against injustice, helps us to be heard and helps us to warn other people when they are pushing us too far. When anger is uncontrollable and disproportionate to the trigger, it may be rage and is most certainly coming from our subconscious. We work together as client and therapist, through hypnotherapy, to make a link to our anger, understand it, change it (using unique visualisation techniques) and become friends with it. Integrating anger is an important step to regaining control of it rather than being afraid of it. Dealing with the fallout of bouts of anger and rage (there is a difference) can be difficult for us to deal with too, so within our sessions, all aspects of anger are addressed in a calm, non-judgemental environment.

Low Confidence or Self-esteem
4-6 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

How low is your self-esteem or confidence? How is it affecting your every day life and your ability to follow your heart, maybe your ability to speak up or put up healthy boundaries? What’s stopping you seeing, feeling and showing others the beauty and gifts you were born with? Re-discover your beauty and your true value. As your self-perception changes and you acknowledge your true value, watch others start to value you too. It sounds simple, but we all know that quieting that negative internal voice sometimes is anything but simple. Hypnotherapy aims to help re-introduce you to your long-lost friends ‘self-confidence’ and ‘self-esteem’.

Hypnotherapy for Children
3 sessions £50 per 1 hour session

Children are growing up in the world today facing many more challenges which can affect their earlier years of development. Some of the most common issues Hypnotherapy can help children with are anxiety around Exams, Driving tests, attending school, Phobias of dogs, dentists, flying, needles, bullying, Bed-wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) and can also develop coping mechanisms and habits such as Thumb-sucking.

Face to Face sessions preferred. Enhanced DBS Certificate. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) Single session (1 1/2hr) £120

Ancient Temple

PLRT within a spiritual context – This is considered as a Holistic healing modality by some who may believe that our souls hold onto emotions from past life traumas and experiences. These may subconsciously re-surface in the form of unexplained phobias, difficult relationships and re-occurring negative experiences, all of which cannot be contributed to experiences in a current lifetime.

PLRT within a metaphorical context – Even if you are a completely logical and scientific person, your subconscious may offer insights and provide solutions to you through your past life regression. You may experience life as a King or Queen for example and within this archetype, there maybe lessons or messages for you which will help you in your current situation or life time.

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