Hello and thank you for visiting my website. Whether you are a first time client or have enjoyed the benefits of Hypnotherapy previously, I hope that you find this website useful and enjoy my FREE audio taster MP3. I welcome my clients whether this is at my cosy, safe and nurturing therapy room in Potton in Bedfordshire or within our online Zoom session.

I hold Professional Insurance and I am registered with The National Hypnotherapy Society so you can be assured you are well protected during your Hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and unobtrusive form of therapy. You, the client are gently guided into Hypnosis by simply listening to my voice and allowing yourself to let go and relax. Unknowingly, we naturally enter states of Hypnosis several times during our every day lives.

Have you ever driven on a familiar journey and found yourself at the destination realizing you are not sure how you got there or have forgotten a large stretch of road?

Have you ever escaped in a good book and felt as thought you were in the story. When you stop and close the book, you remember where you actually are?

We can also be in a state of hypnosis whilst we have our eyes open. We do daydream with our eyes open after all.

These are states of ‘self-hypnosis’. With my voice and induction techniques, we work together with your specific modalities and style to induce this same relaxing state of Hypnosis. It is while you are in this state that I deliver the tailored therapy to you by speaking to your subconscious mind respectfully and in it’s own language. I appreciate and work on the basis that you, your personal issue and your ideal outcome/solution will also be unique.

Do you need help with any of the below?

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Common Questions and Answers;

  • I am worried about being under someone elses control and having my own will taken away. – You remain fully in control during the session. You can bring yourself out of Hypnosis at anytime during the session by simply opening your eyes. Trust is a large part of therapist/client rapport which should be present and will help the client to completely relax.
  • Can you make me cluck like a chicken or make me sing like Elvis? – A Hypnotherapist cannot work against your own core values. Your subconscious would reject any suggestions that you don’t agree with at that time. It is interesting to note that stage hypnosis volunteers are chosen and prepared before they go on stage. They are usually very suggestible to hypnosis. They may often also show extrovert tendencies and enjoy acting or attention.
  • What if I cannot be Hypnotized? – Anybody is capable of entering hypnosis given the right conditions, and correct inductions given to you by a qualified/competent therapist. You may be able to hear and remember everything during the Hypnotherapy. In some therapies such as past-life regression or during hypnoanalysis, you are asked questions. Your level of hypnosis will allow you to answer although you will be so relaxed, it will seem like too much effort.
  • If I fall asleep will it still work? – If you fall asleep during hypnotherapy, the information being given to you is still being absorbed at some level. No matter how deep in Hypnosis you are, you will always be able to wake up. I may need to count you up a couple of times if you are extremely deep and this happens now and then.
  • What if I reveal something I don’t want to? – You will not reveal anything you don’t want to ‘accidentally’. Your subconscious is in charge at this point and it knows what you want to keep private. It is always acting to protect you.

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”

– Lao Tzu