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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. Whether you are a first time client or have enjoyed the benefits of Hypnotherapy previously, I hope that you find this website useful. I welcome my clients whether this is at my cosy, safe and nurturing therapy room in Potton, Bedfordshire or within our online Zoom session.

Familiarize yourself with my voice and experience a FREE Hypnosis Audio – 26 mins duration, a great introduction to Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle and unobtrusive form of therapy. You, the client are gently guided into Hypnosis by simply listening and focusing on my voice. As you settle into a comfortable chair, whether you are aware of it or not, you will be choosing to enter your own state of hypnosis. Hypnosis is only a small part of Hypnotherapy. You can achieve a state of hypnosis effortlessly and naturally with my guidance and support. The ‘therapy’ part of the session is where your conscious part of the mind steps back and allows your subconscious to step forward and engage with me in making changes – such as releasing unwanted negative emotions, getting to the core issues of the problem and instilling new positive thinking patterns and feelings.

Have you ever driven on a familiar journey and found yourself at the destination realizing you are not sure how you got there or have forgotten a large stretch of road? Your subconscious has driven your car on a route which is well ingrained whilst your conscious mind has been focusing on something else – maybe an upcoming holiday or what happened yesterday at work (for example) – That’s self-hypnosis. You enter your own state of hypnosis several times a day without knowing it…..day dreaming is another example.

After an initial consultation, I will have assessed your specific modalities and style so I will know which induction techniques to use for your hypnosis. I appreciate and work on the basis that you, your personal issue and your ideal outcome/solution will also be unique.

Common Questions;

  • I am worried about being under someone else’s control and having my own will taken away. – You remain fully in control during the session. You can bring yourself out of Hypnosis at anytime during the session by simply opening your eyes. Trust is a large part of therapist/client relationship which should be present and will help you to completely let go.
  • Can you make me cluck like a chicken or make me sing like Elvis? – Your subconscious would reject any suggestions that you don’t agree with at that time. It is interesting to note that stage hypnosis volunteers are chosen and prepared before they go on stage. They are usually very suggestible to hypnosis. They may often also show extrovert tendencies and enjoy acting or attention.
  • What if I cannot be Hypnotized? – Anybody is capable of entering hypnosis given the right conditions, and correct inductions given to you by a qualified/competent therapist. You may be able to hear and remember everything during Hypnotherapy whilst in the Theta brain wave state (optimal of hypnotherapy), your mind just won’t be distracted by it. In some types of sessions such as past-life regression or during Hypnoanalysis, you are asked questions. Your level of hypnosis will allow you to answer although you will be so relaxed, it will seem like too much effort.
  • If I fall asleep will it still work? – If you fall asleep during hypnotherapy, the information being given to you is still being absorbed at some level. The most effective state for hypnotherapy is a medium trance state whilst the brain is operating in Theta No matter how deep in Hypnosis you are, you will always be able to wake up. I may need to count you up a couple of times if you are extremely deep and this happens now and then.
  • What if I reveal something I don’t want to? – You will not reveal anything you don’t want to ‘accidentally’. Your subconscious is in charge at this point and it knows what you want to keep private. It is always acting to protect you. Confidentiality is contracted, so whatever comes out during a session stays within a session (some legal and ethical limitations outlined in contract).

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power”.

– Lao Tzu


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