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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

Are you looking to experience Past Life Regression out of pure interest and curiosity? Do you have issues in your present life which you cannot find the source of no matter what you have tried in the past? Do you suffer with depression, panic attacks, reoccurring nightmares, phobias, a fear of dying, anger issues or loneliness?

These are some of the reasons clients seek Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). The Regression process aims to bring the previously buried memories from past lives into the conscious mind, where they can be acknowledged, understood and processed in a safe and relaxed state. This process alone will open the client to acceptance and a new clearer way forward where they may have been stuck.

‘3/4 of the world population’s belief systems include reincarnation’ (Nahum, cited in Hogan 2009, p270). PLRT can be sought after by clients who believe in reincarnation but it is important to note that PLRT is also applied as a therapy via metaphorical means for clients who are not at all spiritual.

If reincarnation is not a part of your belief system, then the context in which PLRT is used changes. It is a technique/tool to allow your subconscious mind to show you images, feelings and experiences which may be profoundly relevant to you in your present circumstances. You may connect through an archetype (Jungian origins). Just new understanding around the source of behaviours or thoughts can lead to a shift in your outlook and the removal of blocks allowing you to forward in life feeling lighter and with more clarity.

Along with Hypnoanalysis techniques such as Direct Regression (Age regression), Free association and Inner child Therapy; PLRT just another tool for your self-development and healing journey.

Past Life Regression Therapy is an experience which is enjoyed by clients during a relaxed state of hypnosis. You are in full control of the regression and are asked before starting the session important questions in the questionnaire so your regression is delivered seamlessly.

There are some frequently asked questions and answers below. If you are interested in booking in a PLRT session then simply Contact me and I can assess your needs further. It is a very personal experience and one which I am happy to guide you through at every stage.

How deep do I need to go into hypnosis?

It varies from client to client. It is important that you are still able to communicate. You will be asked to say yes or no or to describe what you are feeling/seeing/hearing/tasting/smelling so when you regain full awareness, you will have a record of your experience from my notes. Some clients are deep in hypnosis and can still communicate, whilst other clients only go into a light trance and experience vivid memories.

Can I record the session?

I can record the session at your request. I then transcribe the session and send it to you. The recording is then deleted so adhering to confidentiality and GDPR.

Will I remember everything?

Some clients remember everything, however some clients experiences are fast moving so many images, feelings and details may resurface after the session has ended. The chances are that as fast as the mind works, things will be forgotten initially.

No Leading questions?

Extra care is taken to only ask open questions which are non leading, for example I would ask ‘describe where you are’ when you are ready, not ‘Are you inside?’ suggesting that you may be in a room or a building.

It is also worth noting that clients have regressed and described themselves as an animal, mineral, or an object so no assumptions are made and your words are your own.

What if I cannot see a past life?

It is important to note that you will be asked if you wish to proceed to a past life a couple of times on our journey in hypnosis. Whilst consciously you have made the decision that you wish to experience a Past Life Regression, it is important to note that your subconscious may not be ready or simply may not wish to regress at that time. If this is the case and you do not wish to progress, you will just be guided back to your peaceful sanctuary and enjoy a relaxing hypnosis session (1 hour) without Past Life Regression.

Can PLRT be done as an online session?

Yes. I have been trained to deliver online sessions and experienced Past Life Regression myself online. It is just as effective. Sometimes clients experience emotions (called an abreaction) and may shed a tear, smile, laugh or shout. I will advise you on how to prepare and all eventualities are covered before we commence. You will be asked to read through a PLRT information sheet and sign a client/therapist agreement along with completing a PLRT Questionnaire before hand.

How long do sessions last?

My sessions last 2 hours. Clients can find the sessions draining, particularly when experiencing, healing and releasing long repressed emotions/memories, however some clients have experienced a ‘floaty, light feeling’ as they come out of the session feeling healed and clear. The sessions can be purely to remember happy memories if that is what you wish. The session is tailored to your request.



Hogan, K 2009, The New Hypnotherapy Handbook: Past Life Regression Therapy, Network 3000 Publishing, Denmark

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